Weatherizing Tips From A Commercial HVAC Company

While many consumers wait to save up for more expensive energy efficient air conditioning systems, they look around for free or low cost ways to reduce their energy bills. Although running a commercial HVAC is expensive, the cost can be dramatically lowered by changing a few small habits and making some changes in the way you use the air conditioning system. A reliable commercial HVAC company will be willing to help you reduce your commercial HVAC costs in order to keep you as a loyal customer.

One of the tips every commercial HVAC company recommends is to seal your building from losing it’s heating and air conditioning. This practice, known as weatherizing, is becoming more commonplace in order to reduce the costs associated with maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. HVAC air ducts can be insulated and sealed as well as the main shell of the building. Lighting systems which use less power and give off less heat can reduce the cost of lighting operation while also reducing the amount of air conditioning necessary to cool down the indoor air. Investing in energy efficient windows can also help reduce lost energy from temperature changes. Using ventilation to allow natural air flow through the building can alleviate health concerns as well as provide fresh air into the building. Economizers are one of the best investments available on the market, since they bring in cooled air from the outdoors when the temperature outdoors is colder than it is inside.

Investing in an energy efficient air conditioning appliance is probably a good idea once your air conditioner is ten years or older or simply not very energy efficient. To maximize the efficiency of your new air conditioner, be sure to select an air conditioning system which has precisely the amount of power you need for your building.


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