Commercial Buildings HVAC And Lighting Controls

Bardi HVAC Technicians

Various controls for commercial buildings HVAC systems can help dictate which parts of the system need to be turned on and off and at what time. By having this control over the entire heating and air conditioning system, any commercial buildings HVAC system can become much more energy efficient. Not taking advantage of the current commercial air conditioning controls which are now available is a major waste of energy. Commercial air conditioning controls can be programmed specifically for any building’s needs. Precise controls are a viable source of energy cost savings, and they are very cost effective.

In addition to controlling the normal HVAC functions of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, control systems can also control lighting in the building. Dimming lights during the peak electricity use hours of the day can help alleviate growing electricity costs. Turning off lighting systems all together when they are not in use is also a huge contributor to lower energy bills. Installed light sensors detect when indoor lights are needed as opposed to when natural light can be used from outdoors to light the inside of the building. An alternative to light sensors is lighting schedules which turn lights off and on at specific times of the day. Not only does reducing the use of indoor lighting help reduce energy costs, it also helps reduce the need to air condition the air which gets hot from the lighting systems themselves.

During peak electricity use hours, advanced control systems can automatically shut off or reduce the power sent to certain appliances which do not need to be used during this time. If peak demand energy use cannot be avoided or reduced enough to make a considerable savings, an alternative to this is to simply use a backup generator as a power source while the peak electricity hours pass.


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