Central Air Cooling: Meeting Government Energy Requirements

ENERGY STAR products are commonly desired by home owners for efficiency, rebates, and government tax credits. You can determine a particular unit’s rating by looking at the yellow energy tag. Not every unit meets ENERGY STAR requirements and it is important to know what you are buying if this is a desired model feature. ENERGY STAR is a symbol backed by the government to assist individuals in utilizing cooling products which are better for the environment. The label included on these products was created for specific reasons. It helps consumers reduce greenhouse emissions typically output by older, less efficient central air models. Consumers can also determine which model will offer the most cooling savings during operation. These goals can be accomplished with a qualifying central air cooling unit without reducing performance or eliminating wanted features. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA determines which products receive this label. It will only be seen on a product if it meets specific requirements.

York Air Conditioning: What Qualifications Are Necessary for Compliance?

Many York Air Conditioning products meet the standard guidelines set by the EPA. This government agency uses a set of guidelines to evaluate each product for label worthiness. The products must first supply a significant amount of savings as a whole to the nation. These savings must be provided without jeopardizing the feature and performance needs of consumers. Many times these products cost more than less efficient models. A consumer must be able to make up for the higher investment through reduced energy consumption. This recovery has to be possible over a reasonable time frame. Cooling technology must be non-proprietary and obtainable through many manufacturers. Energy consumption should be measurable so it can be verified with traditional testing methods. If all these guidelines have been met, the label can then be placed on the product in a visible area for consumers. Guidelines may be altered when federal efficiency standards change, for new technology advancements, product availability, and many additional factors.

As a York Air Conditioning dealer, Bardi can help you decide which product line offers the most efficiency at a price within your budget. The minimum recommended Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating for a unit is thirteen. Any unit below this SEER rating is not going to provide sufficient savings and will not help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Initial costs and overall savings increase along with this number. You may not be able to fit the highest rated unit into your budget; however, ensuring the model selected is above the minimum and is also ENERGY STAR compliant will provide significant cost savings. Older units lose efficiency after many years of operation. If the current unit has a rating lower than thirteen, it is time to consider purchasing a new system with more dependable energy consumption. Selecting a higher rated unit for an initial installation will also ensure you receive efficient central air cooling over a longer period of time. Contact our professionals today to determine which ENERGY STAR compliant York model works best for your overall needs.


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