Atlanta Air Conditioning Service: Best Time for Maintenance

Summertime is the worst time to have work performed on an air unit. System break downs during this busy time can take weeks to repair. Servicing has always been suggested before operation. Prevention of a completely non-functional unit is the main reason for this recommendation. Technicians thoroughly inspect the unit. They turn it on for a few minutes to ensure proper operation. Professionals take care of part replacements before heavy use. These tasks are what typically keep a unit operating throughout the entire summer. If servicing is not performed, you may attempt to use the system only to find it is not working at all. What if this is during the hottest months of the year? Reliable technicians will be swamped. You can plan on sweltering in the heat as you wait for someone to become available for repairs. Most likely, repairs will be more expensive and of less quality. Timing is everything when in need of an Atlanta air conditioning service.

Eliminating Problems Before They Leave You in the Heat

Being without air conditioning during the Atlanta summer is not an option. Temperatures through August are more than intolerable. They can be down right dangerous. A home can become hotter than outside in a matter of hours. Fans are little to no help when humidity and temperatures are at their highest for the year. Spring is the season for repairs or servicing. Temperatures become nice enough to perform outside repairs. Winter troubles such as snow are over. All parts may be cleaned without weather causing further complications. March through April is the prime time to schedule maintenance services or have repairs done. If you do not already have a reputable contractor, late winter may be the time to start evaluating available service providers. This will allow the time needed to make a well informed decision about who will be servicing your unit in the spring. Scheduling is easier when you already know which provider to call.

Condenser coil fans can become damaged by weather. Technicians use a special tool to straighten them. Filters in the air handler may need to be replaced. Service providers check the compressor, refrigerant levels, and do major cleaning. When all is good, you can expect the unit to run well throughout the summer season. Problems with refrigerant levels, coil damage, and compressor pressure should be taken care of beforehand. Coil damage causes inefficient operation. The unit will not cool appropriately. Utility bills increase because of this part damage. Low refrigerant is typically due to a leak. Leaks need to be repaired. The refrigerant level should be replenished after the leak has been fixed. Compressors lose pressure as they age. Unless a warranty covers their replacement, it is really not worthwhile to consider this repair. You can sometimes save more by buying a newer unit. Repairs such as this can take some time. Sitting in an uncomfortable home is the last thing Atlanta residents want to be doing in mid-July. Have the unit checked in the spring and schedule repairs immediately to avoid this uncomfortable situation.


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