Troubleshooting American Standard Air Conditioning Problems

It can be quite common for homeowners to automatically call a professional when something goes wrong with their American Standard air conditioning unit. American Standard air conditioners can have loss of cooling and other issues for many reasons. Sometimes the cause is very simple and easy to remedy. Some simple troubleshooting could save you the cost of having service companies come out to look at your air conditioning unit. When routine maintenance has been neglected, filters need to be check and changed.

Start your troubleshooting by checking the thermostat to ensure it is set correctly for cooling operation. It should be on cool and set lower than the current room temperature. Are the outside and inside fans running? If neither of them is running, a circuit breaker could have been thrown. Make sure the breakers are indeed on. When the breakers are still on and the unit is not running, the thermostat, control board, or wires between the two could be having an issue. Test the thermostat by taking the cover off and attempting to get the unit to kick on manually. If it will kick on, a new thermostat or rewiring could fix the problem.

Most other problems originate at the outside part of the air conditioning unit. Check for frost around the unit and on the copper lines going to it. Sometimes water will be noticeable around the unit as well. Turn it off for a few hours and then run it again for approximately five minutes. When the copper lines do not get cold or accumulate frost, the most common cause is problems with Freon. Turn off the power source and check the wires for electrical damage. After a few hours of troubleshooting, you may find that the simplest solutions do not work because the problem is more severe. At that point, it is best someone who specializes in American Standard air conditioners professional to determine and repair the problem.


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