Comparing American Standard Air Conditioning Systems Features

Choosing an air conditioning appliance for your home or business often depends on many different factors. You need to take into consideration what kind of air conditioner is right for you. You can choose between central air conditioning systems, window air conditioners, through the wall AC units, and portable units. Choosing which American Standard air conditioning systems are right for you begins getting more complicated when you take in to consideration how many different features they offer.

You can choose to save money on your electricity bill with an energy efficient model. An EER ranging from 11 to 13 is generally an effective unit for most needs. You can also choose to reduce allergens by getting a unit with electrostatic filters used to remove small particles from the air. Features such as adjustable vents, exhaust vents, and easily removable air filters are also nice things to have in any air conditioning unit.

A very important factor in your decision should be the appropriate amount of BTUs you need. Before deciding among the American Standard air conditioning systems, you should always have your home or office inspected and calculated for necessary BTU power. An under powered air conditioning unit will not cool and condition the air properly. On the other hand, if someone tries to over sell you a large air conditioning unit with more BTUs than necessary in your application, the air conditioner will “short cycle.” Over powered air conditioning systems cool down an area too quickly without being given the proper amount of time to remove the humidity from the air.

This results in an uncomfortable environment, and overly expensive electricity bills. After comparing the American Standard air conditioning systems you are most interested in that fit your specific needs, look for a few reviews for each model. There are thousands of air conditioner reviews online which can help you determine if one model is more effective or convenient than the other.


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