Air Conditioning Ton And Air Conditioning Power Calculations

An air conditioning ton is a way to measure the power of an air conditioning system. The proper sizing of a commercial HVAC installation is very important to the proper functioning of the appliance. If a building requires only one air conditioning ton of power but you decide to purchase an air conditioning system with more power, you’ll be wasting energy using an appliance that is too big.

The air conditioner will short cycle without fully removing moisture and humidity from the indoor air. The result is a cold but humid indoor environment which is not likely to be comfortable at all. If you end up getting a commercial HVAC installation with an air conditioner which is not powerful enough for your building, the appliance will be unable to fully cool down or condition the air indoors. This will result in the system working more than necessary, in the end raising energy costs.

It is important to understand the air conditioning ton requirements for your building. Any reputable commercial HVAC installation contractor should be able to calculate the amount of tons of BTUs your air conditioner will require to perform at optimum energy efficiency. To calculate the power you will need for your air conditioner, the HVAC contractor will take into account how large your building is, where it is located, which direction it faces, what kind of windows you have, whether there is shade provided on parts of the building, and the amount of insulation and sealing the building has had put in.

They will take this information and in most cases input the data into software which helps them determine exactly the amount of power your ideal air conditioner will need. Be wary of any contractor that simply calculates the size of an air conditioner by factoring in the square footage of the area which needs to be cooled.


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