Basic Maintenance for Any Air Conditioning Systems Design

Air Conditioning maintenanceHaving air conditioning systems serviced every year is very important. A professional can check many items that you may not have any knowledge of, make sure all components are functioning correctly, and do all the necessary cleaning to ensure top efficiency all summer. Having someone look at your unit each year can keep your energy costs low and prevent small problems from leading to an expensive and major ac repair job. Check out your local service companies and do a thorough comparison of what services they offer, what is included in a yearly service call, and how much they charge for basic yearly maintenance. Don’t forget to ask other customers for reviews and information about each business. This will allow you to choose a reputable business to do work on your unit.

Yearly maintenance for air conditioning systems includes cleaning, checking, and possibly repairing all major components of your unit. The thermostat will be inspected to ensure it is working properly. All filters will be looked at, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. A professional will also check all the electrical controls and components. If needed, the motors will be oiled. Air flow will be checked to ensure the evaporator coil is functioning correctly. The coils collect dirt over time and sometimes need to be cleaned.

If your system has a leak, the Freon level may become low. Most service companies check this as well and will recommend repairing the leak before adding more Freon to your unit. This particular ac repair may seem expensive but the results of neglecting a leak can be much worse. Over time, low Freon levels can lead to larger components of the unit needing repair. When units are kept clean and in good working order, they will be efficient for a long time. Not to mention that performing regular maintenance on any home item is always less expensive than having to hire someone to repair it.


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