Common Issues That Require Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Repair

air conditioning repair serviceThe most common reasons for a homeowner requiring the help of an air conditioning repair service are improper operation, faulty installation, and neglected maintenance. Any of these can result in costly repairs that can be very frustrating for a home owner. An air conditioning unit is a big investment that cannot be easily replaced. Air conditioning services can provide helpful information about proper care and maintenance of a unit. Another great source for information is the user manual or the manufacturer.

To avoid major repairs that require air conditioning services, you should have your unit serviced once a year and have a regular maintenance routine in place. When in operation, make sure all doors and windows are closed. This will prevent the air flow from being hindered and your unit will not have to work harder than necessary to cool your home. If your unit is being installed, be sure to have a professional do the work and that the installation is done correctly. A bad installation can decrease the air flow and cause leaky ducts. The refrigerant charge must match the manufacturer’s requirements. When it does not, the efficiency and performance are reduced.

Frequent problems with air conditioners are refrigerant leaks, electrical component failure, sensor issues, and drainage problems. Refrigerant leaks need to be detected and repaired by a professional. Adding more refrigerant only temporarily resolves the problem. When a unit is low on refrigerant, the larger components will not operate appropriately and may eventually need to be replaced. The compressor and other electrical components can wear down over time and need to be checked and replaced when needed. Sensors can get knocked out of position or go bad leaving your unit running constantly or not running at all. Sometimes they need to be repositioned or replaced by an air conditioning repair service. Small items like these are no big deal if dealt with immediately. A yearly service call can eliminate most surprises.


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