When you have Leaky Ducts, Air Conditioning Duct Repair is the Answer

If your air conditioning unit is running like it always did but you notice that your home or office building isn’t staying as cool as it did in the past, it may be because your air duct system has developed leaks between duct segments or where the ductwork attaches to your air registers. If so, not consulting an air conditioning duct repair specialist will likely result in the following situations: the drawing of return air from spaces other than conditioned spaces and a significant increase in monthly electric bills. In addition, leaky ductwork can result in the drawing of unwanted dust, mold, pathogens, etc. into living and work areas.

In some cases, leaky ducts are the result of duct seals weakening over time, but they can also result from the reuse of existing registers and in-wall ducts when installing new ductwork in a home or office. Regardless of their cause, leaky ducts cause warm or cool air to be released in ceilings, walls and floors where the ductwork runs, causing indoor spaces to receive less than the desired level of heating or cooling. At the onset of leaky ductwork, many people think that there’s a problem with the air conditioning unit itself and don’t have the problem diagnosed for fear of being presented with a large repair bill. But when leaky ductwork is the source of a structure’s heating and cooling problems, the fix is usually economical.

In many cases, an air conditioning duct repair specialist can simply use spray foam to fill the leaks and restore full airflow to the desired areas. Or, if particular segments of duct are severely worn or damaged, they can be replaced without the entire duct system being replaced. Although air conditioning maintenance and repair are known to be expensive, high electric bills are the true expense when it comes to not repairing faulty ductwork.


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