Air Conditioning Comfort Qualifies For Tax

Air conditioning comfort can now be provided by commercial HVAC systems which qualify for tax deductions for being energy efficient. The Energy Policy Act has created tax deductions for home owners and business owners who invest in air conditioning appliances which meet certain energy efficiency guidelines. Since the introduction of the Energy Policy Act, sales of energy efficient products have risen dramatically. The owners of new energy efficient models of commercial air conditioning systems are able to enjoy having their air conditioning comfort provided cheaply because of the reduced use of energy, as well as enjoying the benefits of the tax deductions for buying an energy efficient commercial HVAC.

These efficient commercial air conditioning systems may either be retrofitted into existing buildings or built into newly constructed sites. The qualification requirement for these appliances is that they use 16.67% less energy than conventional commercial HVAC systems. This means that the HVAC system must have a highly efficient core appliance and also feature several components which are energy efficient. Since the Energy Policy Act has been so successful in convincing consumers to invest in energy efficient appliance models, the tax deductions have been given a proposed increase and extension through the year 2012.

Yet another way you can qualify for the Energy Policy Act tax deductions is to purchase lighting systems which do not give off very much heat. By reducing the amount of heat your lighting system creates, it allows your air conditioner to work less to cool down the warmed air. Not only can new lighting systems be installed, but they can be installed with programmable timers which allow you to set the specific times and dates when lighting will be necessary and when it will not be. Turning off lights when they are not in use can save a very considerable amount of energy.


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