Air Conditioning and Heating Company Recommendations for Maintaining the Efficiency of Your Unit

Maintaining your air conditioning unit can be very easy if you know what needs to be done. Performing regular maintenance on your system can save you a lot of money when it comes to air conditioning repair and energy costs. A unit that is neglected will become less efficient over time and end up requiring components to be replaced. On top of the regular maintenance a home owner can perform, it is recommended that you have your unit serviced once a year in the spring by an air conditioning contractor or repair business. This can reduce the chances of any major repairs popping up and save you money.

Before turning your unit on, make sure the condenser is not blocked by any objects. This is where air is drawn into the unit and a blockage can reduce airflow and damage other components of the system. Once you have made sure that the condenser is not blocked, turn your unit on and check to see if it is running properly. These steps need to be done in the spring so that any problems can be resolved before you need your home cooled. Be sure to change or clean your filters when needed. A dirty filter can restrict air flow and can cause problems with the evaporator. All panels need to be secured and any debris need to be picked up or moved away from the unit’s exterior.

Performing simple tasks like these can increase the efficiency of your unit and make sure your money stays in your pocket for the most part. If you are unsure of what your system’s regular maintenance entails, check with an air conditioning contractor or the company that produced your unit. Either one should be able to tell you what needs to be done and how often the filters need to be cleaned or changed. Air conditioning repair can be very expensive and preventing a major repair is always better.


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