AC Systems: Will a New Installation Provide More Efficient Cooling for Your Home?

Understanding the inner workings of an AC unit is not always the specialty of homeowners. When something goes wrong, you may find it difficult to determine what happened. If everyone knew every fine detail of these comfort providing products, professional technicians would not exist. There are so many brands and models of cooling systems. This makes it hard for someone who does not work on them frequently to be a pro at resolving problems. AC systems for homes are traditionally a split system design which includes an outdoor cooling unit combined with an inside furnace. The outdoor portion cools the home while the indoor portion performs heating. If they are properly matched, the entire system will run at an optimum efficiency level as well as have a longer overall life.

Efficiency is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER. Higher ratings provide more efficiency with the minimum recommendation being thirteen. How does a split system work? A unit contains five main components: refrigerant, fan, compressor, condenser coil, and the evaporator coil. Hot air is pulled from your home and cooled by the outside unit. The cooled air is sent back in through the ductwork to the registers. Central cooling units are typically powered by electricity. If one of these components quits functioning altogether or is hampered for some reason, you may find your Atlanta residence difficult to keep comfortable. These systems are essential due to area temperatures. It is important to keep them well maintained as well as replace them when repairs are not a cost-effective option.

HVAC Replacements: Consider These Points before Making a Decision

Many owners shy away from HVAC replacements because of the initial expense associated with this cooling change. Here are some factors to consider before ruling out this highly efficient option. Systems which have been in operation for a long period of time eventually lose their efficiency. They can drastically increase cooling costs each month as well as pose the possibility of expensive repairs. Sometimes repairs on an older unit can be so costly it makes more sense to spend a few hundred dollars more for a newer unit. While the upfront price is higher, most homeowners find they save large amounts of money on reduced energy expenses. These savings end up making the installation cost far less than continuing to maintain the older unit.

AC systems in the Atlanta area also suffer extensive use during the summer months. High humidity and extreme temperatures create quite a workload for these systems. As they age, it becomes harder for them to keep up with the demands of your residence. There will be a point in time where repairs are not enough to get the performance you need. It is important to consider what will be sacrificed to repair and keep the older unit. In these situations, HVAC replacements are the better choice. Bardi professionals can help you choose between these two difficult options. An estimate for replacement makes a great informational tool. With one phone call, you can have the professional assistance needed to make the most affordable decision for your home and family.


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