Making The Choice Between A Heat Pump VS Air Conditioner

While making the choice between investing between a heat pump vs air conditioner, you need to determine what AC services you actually require. These appliances are some of the most expensive in any American household, yet many home owners are unaware of which is actually correct for them. Unreliable AC contractors that work on commission may be likely to give you advice regarding whether you should use a heat pump vs air conditioner which is biased in their favor. The reality is that you should make the decision based on which appliance is most likely to be energy efficient in your case.

A heat pump actually heats and cools homes throughout the year. In the winter months, a heat pump brings warmth from soil, air, and water outdoors into the home. When a heat pump is cooling a home, it essentially removes the heat from the indoors and sends it outside, simply reversing the process. Air conditioners, however, cool the inside of homes by evaporating a type of refrigerant. This refrigerant is turned into cold indoor air by a series of events taking place inside of the air conditioning unit.

When determining between a heat pump vs air conditioner, it is best to take into consideration the climate in which you live. Air conditioners are generally less energy efficient at cooling down a home than heat pumps are. However, heat pumps are only effective as heating sources down to about 40 degrees in the winter. Therefore, if you live in a climate which generally has very cold winters, it is not necessarily in your best interest to invest in a heat pump. Instead, most people in these climates choose to use air conditioners to cool their homes in the summer and a furnace to warm them in the winter time. In more southern states of the US, where the winters are more mild, it is possible to use a heat pump.


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