Walk-in showers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional bathtub and shower combo. A true walk-in shower is installed so that it is flush with the existing bathroom floor, which means there is no lip or threshold to step over. True walk-in showers also don’t have a hinged door and, in fact, don’t have a door at all. Instead, they typically have a partial divider panel to block the water or even just a large open space where the door would normally be. However, you can choose to have sliding doors on a track, a traditional hinged glass door, or even a glass door with hidden hinges for a more streamlined, modern look.

The truth is that walk-in showers come in a nearly endless array of styles and designs, which allows you to choose whatever look you like best and whatever options you want or need. Walk-in showers offer numerous benefits compared to bathtub and shower combos, and here are just some of the reasons why you should definitely consider installing one in your home.

1. Better Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of walk-in showers is that they are much more accessible than a bathtub and shower combo. The fact that the shower is typically level with the rest of the bathroom floor means it is much easier to get in and out of, which makes it the perfect choice for elderly people or anyone with mobility issues. Walk-in showers are also ideal for anyone who uses a wheelchair since you can easily roll the chair in and out. Most walk-in showers are also large enough that you can easily fit a shower chair inside, and you also have the option to install a permanent shower chair or bench should you desire.

2. Improved Safety

Statistics show that around two-thirds of all bathroom, injuries occur while showering or bathing, and slip-and-fall accidents in the bathtub or shower result in nearly 80,000 injuries in the US each year. Bathtubs are notoriously slippery since they are typically made from porcelain or vinyl, both of which can be extremely slick when wet.

Most walk-in showers are instead usually made of tile, which tends to be less slippery and provides better traction. There are also pre-cast walk-in showers made of vinyl or other materials, but these almost always have a textured floor that greatly reduces the chances of slipping and falling. Most walk-in showers also have metal grab bars inside, so you’ll always have something to hold on to if needed.

The lack of a ledge or a lip also makes walk-in showers much safer than bathtub and shower combos since you can step directly in and out instead of having to lift your legs up and over the edge. Some walk-in showers do have a small ledge where you enter, but this is typically only a few inches tall and thus still much safer and easier to enter and exit than a traditional bathtub.

A traditional bathtub can also be a drowning hazard for small children. This is yet another advantage of walk-in showers since they can’t ever fill up with water, so there is no risk of a child accidentally drowning.

3. Easier Cleaning

Bathtub and shower combos can be a pain to clean. This is partly because you typically need to bend down over the tub to clean it and also because tile doesn’t hold on to dirt and grime as well, so it is easier to clean than a traditional porcelain tub. If you choose a shower without a glass door, you also won’t need to worry as much about scrubbing away soap scum and mineral deposits. With a walk-in shower, you also won’t need to deal with a shower curtain that continually gets gross and moldy.

4. Takes Up Less Space

Another advantage of walk-in showers is that they typically take up less room than a bathtub and shower combo, which makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. Part of the reason for this is that the shower can be neatly tucked into the corner of the bathroom instead of taking up an entire wall like a bathtub would. Walk-in showers can really be any size or shape you want, which means you can easily find a shower that will fit even if your bathroom is unusually shaped or has very little available room. If you choose a walk-in shower without a hinged door, it will take up even less space since you don’t need to worry about having room for the door to swing outward.

5. Improved Comfort and an Endless Array of Options

One major benefit of choosing a walk-in shower is that you have far more options to choose from compared to a traditional bathtub. You can opt to have built-in shelves to store all of your soaps and shampoos and choose any style of showerhead you want. Many walk-in showers even have multiple showerheads or jets so you can customize your shower for a more comfortable, relaxing experience. For instance, you can have both a normal showerhead on the wall and a large rainfall showerhead on the ceiling. You can also opt to have multiple jets installed at different heights on the wall that will help massage away your aches and pains. You even have the option to upgrade your walk-in shower with LED lighting for a more personalized feel or add built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while showering.

6. Superior Style and Elegance

Walk-in showers also provide a more modern, elegant appearance compared to bulky bathtubs. They also give you far more freedom to create whatever look you want since you can choose from a huge range of colors, styles, shapes and designs. You can choose to have the shower tiled with the same type of tiles as the rest of the bathroom so it perfectly blends in. Ceramic, stone, slate, marble and glass tiles are also great options that will give your bathroom a more stylish look. Having glass panels instead of a shower curtain will also greatly improve the appearance of your bathroom.

7. Increased Market Value and Appeal

Installing a walk-in shower will also make your bathroom more appealing and can help increase the market value of your home, which can obviously be important should you ever decide to sell your house. A traditional bathtub and shower combo will always make your bathroom and thus your home seem old and outdated, which can be an issue since most homebuyers these days prefer a more modern look and feel. The improved accessibility and safety will also make your home much more appealing to retirees looking for their forever home or young families with small children.

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