At the end of a tiring work day, coming home to an excited, bouncing dog or a furry, cuddly kitten is undoubtedly a wonderful feeling. However, as much as we love our pets, they can also be a lot to handle. Other than the normal pet responsibilities, pet owners often must deal with the pet hair and fur stuck on the carpet, furniture, and, if they’re not careful, their AC unit. Dust, hair, and dander stuck in the air ducts or air filters can lead to an increase in allergens in the air.

If you’re a pet owner looking to improve your indoor air quality, this blog is for you! To ensure a comfortable lifestyle for you and your fur children, the team at Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has prepared some helpful HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners.

Change AC Filters More Often

You might have to change your AC’s air filter more often than usual if you have some furry pets occupying your home. Dirty and clogged air filters can reduce the airflow in your home. In addition, a clogged filter can lead to a frozen evaporator coil, which can seriously decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. By replacing your filter, you can reduce indoor allergies, lower energy expenses, and maintain your AC’s efficiency.

Check your air filter every month to make sure it’s clean. If you have several occupants in your home (both animal and human), you might have to change your filter every month.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

This is one of the more obvious HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners, but it’s important to brush and bathe your pet often. Pet dander is one of the most common causes of allergies, so there’s no harm in taking some time to clean, groom and pamper your pet. In addition to lessening pet dander in your home, grooming your pets will support healthy skin and fur, prevent pests, control odors and reduce the likelihood of allergies. How often you bathe your pet depends on a variety of factors such as their breed, coat type, and how dirty they usually get.

Clean Out Your Air Vents

Your air vents are incredibly important parts of your air conditioning system and one of the best ways to ensure proper indoor air quality is to clean your vents.

Follow this step by step guide to clean out your air vents:
  • Turn off the power to your air conditioning system at the thermostat and breaker
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the grilles from ceilings, walls, or floor
  • Use the brush attachment of your vacuum to clean up the dust collected behind the grille. Then vacuum the air ducts as best as you can. It’s understandable if the ducts aren’t within your reach.
  • Before you screw back the grille, make sure there isn’t any dust left. If there is, use a scrubbing brush and some soap and water to clean it.

Protect Your Outdoor Condenser

This tip specifically applies to dog owners. You do not want your precious puppy urinating on or near the outdoor condenser as this could lead to corrosion and costly damage. It is best to take some measures to prevent this from happening in the first place. You can do this by building a barrier or fence around your outdoor condenser, but make sure it’s at least 3 feet from the air conditioner. In addition, make sure it’s not a solid wall so air can still flow through it. You can also train your dog to avoid that area altogether.

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